Greater Latrobe Students Volunteer their Time

Greater Latrobe Students Volunteer their Time

Greater Latrobe students took the opportunity this summer to volunteer their time at local organizations.

Meghan Kernicky (senior): Taught 4 year olds at Vacation Bible school at Charter Oak Church over the summer.

“It was an enjoyable experience and the kids were awesome; I learned that I really love teaching kids that age.”

[Kelly Dick (senior): A counselor at the Westmoreland County Jr. Conservation School for 7 days. She was a camper for 1 year and spent her 2nd year as a counselor.

“I learned about the environment and animals about the importance of keeping the forest manageable.”

Dan Sarver (senior): Volunteered, along with Drew Eline and Amanda Seymour for NAHS by painting a mural at Burger King.

“It was good to give back to a business and it was nice to know and see that the hard work paid off.”

Danny Hamilton (senior): Went to Georgia and Tennessee on a mission trip with a church in Florida. While there, he helped run soup kitchens and they volunteered at homeless shelters, as well as a number of other things.

“The experience was surreal and the testimonies of the lives saved by Christ strengthened my relationship with God and improved my morals. I also gained a better understanding of homeless people and what struggles they go through and how hard their lives really are.”

Jordan Giannini (senior): Volunteered at St. Vincent DePaul.

“The old people there were pretty cool and it made me feel good to help others.”

Alexis Yazge (senior): Volunteered with the Special Olympics and walked in the Relay for Life.

“I have a lot more patience now for dealing with people with mental disabilities and it was a fun experience. At the Relay for Life, it was really nice to see so many survivors there.”

Rachael Bald (senior): Helped set up at the Westmoreland County Fair and with the benefit auction:

“I had to help the younger kids with things and help direct them on what to do and it was a good experience.”

Leah Pratt (sophomore): Volunteered at the Latrobe Hospital shop.

“It was just really nice to help others.”

Morgan Stout (senior): volunteered at Camp Huff n’ Puff (camp for kids with asthma):

“It was really rewarding to see kids learn how to control their asthma and learn how they can be normal kids, too.”

Angel FIndling (sophomore): Helped with a church picnic:

“I got to do something important with my life.”

Miranda Sullenberger (junior): She helped coach cheerleading in Unity Township over the summer:

 “I learned a lot of responsibility and how to be really creative and gained more respect for authority.”

Sarah College (sophomore): Volunteered as a security guard for artist signings at Creationfest and also went on a mission trip to Chicago where she helped with a family fund (fun?) fair by face painting:

“It felt really good to help others and make kids happy by volunteering at the family fund fair, and I saw the importance of volunteering and how volunteers are needed to make things successful; without them, there’s no help a lot of times.”