Halloween Craft Idea

Halloween Craft Idea

Tired of the same old “fun”-sized candy bars to entertain guests and kids with? Looking for a fun, easy way to spice up your Halloween season this year? Well good news: with the inspiration of Martha Stewart, you can craft your very own bulging broom of tasty treats! In five simple steps, you can have your own creative witch’s brooms filled with goodies in place of the boring old bowl of candy.
To begin, you will need the following:
• 2 brown paper lunch bags for each broomstick
• Scissors
• Candy
• Small branch
• String

Now, to create your one-of-a-kind goody bag, simply follow the instructions!

1. Unfold your first bag, and push the base of it out while folding in the sides as to create a U shape while looking at the bag.

2. Next, cut bag number one into strips, stopping short of the base.

3. Open bag number two and place it inside the first bag which now has the appearance of the bottom of a broom.

4. Fill the bag with a candy of your choice! (Possibly candy corn, or jolly ranchers.)

5. Place your small branch inside your bag, pull both bags together at the top, and tie with your string. If your broom seems too long, you may cut a few inches off the top. (If you don’t want your branch touching bare candy, you may place the candy in a separate plastic baggie.)

You are now ready for a fun, new way to celebrate the season!

Source: Martha Stewart Halloween—Flights of Fancy. Special Issue