Book Review – Safe Haven

Book Review - Safe Haven

Who would not love the carefree life of a sea-side waitress? Waking up and walking to work. Living within walking distance of the ocean in a small southern town. Katie Feldman lives this sublime life. A newcomer, she absorbs the small town life in Southport, North Carolina. However, this breezy front is a façade, Katie Feldman has a secret.

Katie lives a relatively isolated life, hidden at the end of an empty street. She does not socialize at work, outside of necessity. She constantly refuses her coworker’s request for a date and she walks everywhere. Katie’s life is of secluded security. This security abruptly ends one warm evening when Jo, a frank, single woman, moves in next door. From this point on, Katie’s story comes to life.  Jo leads Katie into a relationship with Alex, a widowed father of two. However, Katie struggles when her dark past surfaces continuously and holds back her love for Alex.

Nicholas Sparks delves into one of his many love stories, but this one goes further. He confronts domestic violence head on, revealing the horrors and strength that countless women need on a daily basis to survive. Katie is a victim of domestic violence, and her heroic story of escape will inspire empathy and understanding.

As Katie struggles for freedom from her past, her abusive husband struggles to find her. However, Alex convinces Katie to believe in love again and shows her that love can conquer all.  Katie and Alex, along with his children, embark on a journey that shows the strength of survivors as they each overcome the obstacles life throws at them while still remaining in a loving relationship. They finally begin to accept, as unbelievable as it may seem, that their lives are becoming settled. However, this comes to a rushed and exhilarating end with the inclusion of Katie’s husband. This novel will keep you reading to the very last page. Nicholas Sparks again exemplifies his brilliance in writing, forcing you to feel the terror of abuse and the dream of freedom, but most importantly, the knowledge that, only in love, can you find a true safe haven.