Catching Good Times


Jake Warner, Staff Writer

Many locals of Latrobe and surrounding areas are fishermen and have tons of fun doing it. There are so many places locally to enjoy fishing and spend time with friends. Some people can find it hard to get out and put a line in the water, but Junior Johnny Mchenry always finds time to hit the pond.

How long have you been fishing for and what do you enjoy most about it?

I have been fishing my whole life, but have only recently seriously got into it and the thing I enjoy most about it is being able to spend time with all my friends just out at a pond just on our own. No feeling is comparable to when the bass hits the hook.

Where is your favorite fishing spot?

My favorite fishing spot is a secret, but I do really enjoy Mammoth Park and Twin Lakes I always have success each time I go.

How do you find time to balance football, school, and work yet still find time to ¨hit the pond¨?

I am more of an evening fisherman, I really like going out at around 7:30 and by then I am usually done with all my school work and daily activities.

Fishing is a big part of the culture of our area and I urge everyone to give it a try, but make sure to get your fishing license!