Top 5 Outdoor Places to Visit in Pennsylvania This Quarantine Summer

Top 5 Outdoor Places to Visit in Pennsylvania This Quarantine Summer

1.) Beam Rocks

This is a classic hiking trail that you can hike with proper social distancing standards. It is a 0.9-mile trail that is located just past Ligonier and offers an amazing view of the amazing Pennslyvania wilderness at the end of the trail. Beam Rocks is a classic hiking spot for many locals that if you haven’t hiked should definitely give it a try.

2.) Mammoth Park

Mammoth Park is a beautiful place to take a hike and enjoy the outdoors without traveling far from home. Whether you are a fisherman, skateboarder, or just want some fresh air then Mammoth Park can help you out. Taking a hike around the lake offers a mile of exercise or you can enjoy the fishing that many PA locals enjoy every day. This is a great way to get out of the house and still follow proper social distancing.

3.) Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes is very similar to Mammoth Park in what it offers for everyone to expect it may be more conveniently located for people who live closer to Greensburg. Twin Lakes has an upper and lower lake and offers a 2.5-mile hiking trail. Twin Lakes also offers a skatepark and playground.

4.) Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve

Located near St. Vincent College, the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve is a beautiful place to enjoy nature and take a hike outdoors. Due to current world events they are not having events but is still open to the public for hiking and recreation. It offers 50 acres of land for use of the public and offers amazing and beautiful plants and wildlife for the public.

5.) Linn Runn 

Linn Runn offers 3.9- miles of trail in the beautiful landscape near Ligonier. Not only is the hiking and beautiful scenery an attractant, but they also offer a natural rock slide that is located in the stream that runs along the hiking trail. As long as the water is not freezing this can be a great spot to enjoy the summer weather with your family or friends.