Press Release: GLSD Names Global Scholars for Class of 2020


Nine Greater Latrobe students have successfully completed their Global Scholars
Portfolio and have earned recognition from the Pennsylvania State Modern Language
Association with support from the President of the Pennsylvania Department of
Education. Greater Latrobe seniors being recognized are Isabella Bearer, Sarah Fetter,
Richard Gaia, Cameron Hayes, Sophia Hoch, Cecilia Long, Jace O’Barto, Solon Proctor,
and Rece Ramsey.

Students in grades 9 through 12 have the opportunity to select interdisciplinary studies
and activities that will help them develop global awareness and competency. Faculty
from various departments communicate and work together for the benefit of the
students. This program better prepares them for personal and professional success in
an increasingly global society. There are four components the students must achieve
before earning the Global Scholars designation. They must have successful completion
of certain academic courses one of which must be the continuation of a world language
through level 4 or AP, have active participation in program approved extra-curricular
activities, perform a minimum of 20 service hours as outlined by the program, and
complete a minimum of 8 literature/media reviews (4 of which must be books). Greater
Latrobe students may join the club by attending Global Scholars meetings and working
with a Global Scholars advisor. The teachers in the Senior High World Language
department are the Global Scholars advisors. Each year, students complete
approximately ¼ of the Global Scholars requirements and must complete their portfolio
by quarter 3 of their senior year. For more information about the prestigious Global
Scholars Program, please visit: