Interview with Tucker Knupp in January 2020


Richard Hillwig, Staff Writer

#1: I’m here with Tucker Knupp, linebacker for the Greater Latrobe Wildcats. Tucker, what was your motivation coming into this season?

#2: You had the most tackles in a single season for a Wildcats players, what does that milestone mean for you?

#3: The defense started out slow, but then the defense started to create some turnovers, and limit the number of points that you give up. What has the defense done to limit the number of points and the big plays?

#4: Your team found themselves in a hole, they started the season 1-3, then 2-5, and then you finish the regular season at 5-5 in the playoffs. What has been your mentality this season after your rough start? And how did you overcome adversity that you faced?

#5: The defense gave up about 33 points going into your game against Mckeesport, and since then you have given up about 24 points. What did the defense do differently that they didn’t do in the first half of the season? 

#6: You’re going to be one of the leaders on the team next season, what type of leadership mentality are you going to bring to the football field every day?   

#7: What do you think is going to be your biggest strength is going into next season?

#8: What do you think you and the team can improve on going into next year?

#9: What do you think is the biggest thing that you can take away from this season?