Hunter’s Spotlight

Darick Hrtyanski

Derek Kochis shot this big six point last year.
Ean Lamolinara shot a ten point at the beginning of Archery season.
Maddy Phillips shot her first deer while sitting alongside Logan Altman.















Derek Kochis(12th grade)- I went hunting with my good friend Logan Zitterbart one day after school, and we were hunting for deer and didn’t see anything. Then we looked up on our phones when small game hunting was in, and it turned out it was in season. So then we saw a rabbit, and I wanted to shoot it. So I set my crossbow on Logan’s head because the rabbit was on the other side of us.Then I shot the rabbit and Logan said that he could feel the vibration from the crossbow. 

Taylor Hochard(12th grade)– I have been hunting for as long as I can remember with my Dad. Before I could go hunt deer, I would go with him to check traps or go small game hunting. I shot my first buck when I was 9 years old and have shot one consecutively every year since then. This year I shot a 7 point, however my biggest buck was a 10 point when I was 11 years old. Not only do enjoy going out in the woods to hunt, but I love being able to spend all of those nights and special moments with my dad. My dream is to go out west with my dad to shoot an Elk one day. 

Ean Lamolinara(12th grade)-My favorite hunting story is when I shot my eight point. I was sitting in the stand when suddenly I saw a doe coming down the path to my left. I waited patiently to see what she would do, she kept looking behind her as if something was following her. I waited another 15 minutes and saw some movement on the path she came down. then saw the horns of a decent size deer. I got my bow ready and watched as he came closer to me. As he came closer, I thought to myself this is a nice buck I’m going to shoot it. I waited for him to come about 25 yards from me and I pulled back my bow Aimed and shot. He ran about 15 yards and died. I immediately called my dad in excitement and told him the news.

Mckenzie Crispin(12th grade)– I used a crossbow the first time I went hunting. It was late fall but the weather was so nice and we saw so many deer out. I remember seeing a heard from at least 150 yards back. I aimed, heard a loud thud, and started running. We couldn’t find a trail but later found that I lodged the arrow in the chest cavity. By the time we found it, it was dark out. Upon further inspection, we saw that it was a button buck. It was a really cool experience.

Patrick Knesh(11th grade)– My best experience was sitting in the woods and seeing nothing all day. Then minutes later killing the biggest buck that I have ever harvested.

Maddy Phillips(11th grade)– My best experience while hunting is being able to sit there and enjoy the peace, while sitting learning new things from Logan. This past week I shot my first deer which was a seven point.

Caleb Kristafalusi(11th grade)– My best experience was whenever I got my buck in seventh grade that was a spike. This past year my best experience was the fact that it snowed, and I saw a few doe.