What Students are Looking Forward to this Summer

What Students are Looking Forward to this Summer

What are you looking forward to the most for summer?

  1. “Definitely not having to wake up at 6:00 am every day.  Not only that but being at the beach where the weather is actually nice, unlike here.” – Audrie Kuntz, Junior
  2. “Going to the Jersey Shore to fist pump.” –Kasey Paul, Sophomore
  3. “Not having to wake up every morning for school.” –Mike Leonescu, Junior
  4. “I am looking forward to driving around with my Jeep’s roof down.” –Drew Eline, Junior
  5. “I am looking forward to warm weather and playing golf every day.  I work in the summer so I can look forward to that.” –Jake Reed, Junior
  6. “I look forward to playing sports and hanging out with friends without having to worry about school work.  I am also excited to go to Spain!” –Kelly Pohland, Junior
  7. “I am looking forward to not having to go to school every day and being able to sleep in.” –Cody Kern, senior
  8. I am looking forward to getting ready for college and hanging out with my friends.” –Kimberly McDonagh, senior
  9. “I am looking forward to spending time with friends and just to enjoy summer before college!” –Adam Pernelli, senior

10.  “I’m looking forward to the time off of school, my trip to Spain, and golfing with my friends.” –Alex Rutigliano, sophomore

11.  “I am looking forward to sleeping in and hanging with my friends all summer!” –Alyssa Adams, sophomore

12.  “I’m looking forward to working at my first job as a lifeguard because it will be a lot of fun” –Carly Yelenic, sophomore