Junior Year Blog- Shea Augustine


Wow, it’s hard to believe that junior year is almost over.  Next year is the last year of high school before I take the next step in my life and enter the world of adulthood.  By this time next year I will know where I’m spending the next four years of my life.

Overall, this year has been a lot of fun but also difficult due to the pressure to do well in class.  In just a short period of time, this school year will be over and then I will face the unbelievable yet exciting fact that I am a senior and my high school career is coming to an end.  As senior year rolls around there is a lot to look forward to with decisions about college and also the fact of being one of the leaders of our school newspaper the High Post.  It means a lot to know that next year I will be a big influence on what goes on with the publication and I feel that I am ready to take that step towards becoming a leader.