Display Case: Kris Vatter


High Post: What does art mean to you?

Kris Vatter: It means a way to express yourself and get your feelings out without being destructive.

HP: What is your inspiration for your pieces?

KV: My inspiration comes from whatever pops in my head.

HP: What is your favorite art medium?

KV: My favorite medium is acrylics.

HP: Who is your favorite artist?

KV: Maura Koehler Keeney. I really like her use of color and the subjects she paints. Also two of her pieces were featured in this year’s art selection.  

HP: What classes have you taken?

KV: Art Exploration, Portfolio Prep, Ceramics I, and Theater Arts and I also learned a lot about art from my mom who is a former art teacher.

 HP: Do you have any art plans for the future?

KV: I applied to Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. I want to major in art education.


Roses: This piece is a metamorphosis between an everyday rose and a rattlesnake. I choose these two topics because I thought the thorns would be easy to transfer into scales and the colors were similar.