You Are Not Alone

Sydney Quinn, Editor-in-Chief

The lives of others are changed dramatically when you are not here. Your parents walk past your room wondering where they went wrong. The people who raised you and cared for you now break down when they think that their baby is gone. Your siblings miss you as a best friend forever. They sit in an empty room because the house no longer feels the same. Without you, the laughs and jokes are different. Your signature never-ending laugh always plays in their mind.
Your friends wish they could have done something more. Wish they could have helped. They distance themselves because now anything reminds them of you. Every school homecoming, end of the school year parties, restaurants that were your favorites, or even snapchat memories of you all together. Wherever they are or wherever they go, there’s always a place in their minds that think of you.
Sadness. Hurt. Loss. Suicide. Through our daily lives, we hear about it on the news or in the movies. But it is happening around us, to us. Let’s acknowledge it.
Someone around us might be thinking of “this” as an only option. Nowadays we don’t see the “warning signs.” How someone feels on the inside can be very different than what’s on the outside.
Sometimes the “happiest” people are the ones struggling, and they can hide their emotions well behind a glowing smile. You don’t see their worries, their depression, their helplessness, or their feelings that they are worthless. They may be drowning on the inside.
We need to pick them up. We need to always check on our friends. We need to be open to talk. We need to be there.
If you are struggling, always remember that you are worth it and you are loved. Although it may be hard right now, it will get better. Your life has meaning and a purpose- the best is yet to come. If you are currently in a dark place in your life right now, go to the ones that love you. You deserve to be happy, keep fighting for yourself.
At this point in your life, you may think we are better off without you. But that is far from true. You bring light to life. You make others feel so much joy and happiness. You never know what the future will bring. Be strong, you are loved in so many ways. We are with you. You are not alone.