Reflecting on the PSSA’s

Reflecting on the PSSAs

“I feel that they should not be factored into our GPAs because it can lower them if you have above a 4.0 and gives us a disadvantage when applying to colleges because other states don’t do that.” -Hannah Hemminger, junior

 “I feel like that they are not a true measure of our knowledge therefore they should be burned.”

-Carmelena Moffa, junior

 “I think that the PSSAs should not be as lengthy and take hours. Also, they shouldn’t be counted as grades because some of the material was taught years beforehand like biology. Overall, I think they do more harm than good.” -Jenna Beeman, junior

“I feel that since we do them, they should count for our grades.” –Billy Stewart, junior

“I don’t really like them because they take up a lot of time. They interfere with our classes.”
-Kaylee Evans, junior

“They’re good because they give me time to sleep.” –Cody Miller, junior

“The science ones take too long and they are unnecessary.” –Carly Hudson, junior

“I feel like we shouldn’t have them in so many grades, we should just take them once in high school.” Angie Peretti, junior

“I think that they are not a complete waste of time but I think that when you have to make up work because of classes you missed it is dumb!” Dannielle Pratt, junior

“I think that they do not give an accurate representation of skill level for a subject.” Emily Yokopenic, junior