WCCA Champion, Jarred Stein


Greg Irons and Vincent Stallings

Latrobe triathlete, Jarred Stein, accomplished a remarkable feat in his most recent golf tournament.  On September 12, 2019, Stein won the Westmoreland County Coaches’ Association Championship held at the Latrobe Elks.  Tying teammate Darick Hrtyanski at 75, Stein won the match due to a scorecard playoff. A scorecard playoff in this tournament is where they pick the “hardest” hole and whoever had the lowest score wins. And if that’s a tie, it goes to the second hardest hole and so on.  Stein’s par on hole 6 was enough to win him the tournament over Hrtynanksi’s bogey.


How long have you been golfing?  “I have been golfing for about six to seven years.”

How did you get into golf? “My dad was a golf pro at Laurel Valley and he got me started.”

What is your favorite course?  “Latrobe Elks, it is where I grew up golfing.”

What do you average at the Elks on your own time?  “Around a 75.”

How did you prepare for this? “ I went to the range, hit a few balls, drank a couple Cokes, and was ready to go.”

Did you expect to win?  “I went into it expecting it to be close, but I was nervous with my score.”

How did you feel midway through the match? “ I was unhappy with how I was playing since I started slow, so I realized I had to focus more.”

Do you feel any guilt for beating a close friend of yours, Darick Hrtyanski, in a scorecard playoff?  “No, I have not won anything big in awhile and I really wanted this.”

How has this win impacted your life? “It has boosted my confidence and morale overall, but especially in golf.