To Discuss or Not Discuss

Zachary Carroll, Staff Writer

Clubs to any school is a very important asset to any learning experience. Though available to every student eager to broaden their horizons and reputation  of the world and student around them not all clubs pose a stature similar to discussion and debate such as the Political Awareness Club. 

Kaylee Dusetzina, sophomore, had a vision to incorporate a new mechanic into the already existing Forensics Club. she wanted to have a separate entity that entails a new form of discussion between students.

 “The idea came to me during the summer,” Kay said. “Many people our age don’t care about the current news that surrounds our atmosphere today and anyone who does care is afraid to speak about it because of peer pressure in our school.” 

 Kay knew exactly how this club be introduced into the school community. She said that, “Most schools don’t endorse and teach about political information and when they do most of the time it’s milked and expected to be learned outside of classes.” There is a lot of controversy within the realm of political matters and schools don’t like covering passionate topics like this Kay said that, “It is a way to allow people to be more open with their take on the everyday world around them and to help people with suffocated opinions speak up for themselves.” 

Kay believes in what she knows and is determined to usher in a new branch of communication and connection to the school. She talked about the club itself and where exactly she sees it going in the future if it is incorporated into the community. She said, “I just would really like to get the concept off the ground first. When I was getting  the paper signed for the club many people told me that they loved the idea and would love to have something like this in our school.

 Another thing I would love to do with it is to go see political rallies and to really get out there and see how our world’s economy is so tied to the social aspect.” Kaylee Dusetzina has an amazing passion and a vivid personality. To know that there is an individual out there attempting to make change and to make a new community of people that are not afraid to talk about what they feel and what they know and what they want to know is exactly what the GLSD experience is about. To have pride in your work and your community is the driving force of what one student can do in just one small part of the school’s history but a big part in the student’s history.