Senioritis: Erika Naeger



I have always been a pretty motivated person, especially with school work. But about midway through the school year, my motivation to get school work done decreased significantly. I am pretty busy with school, taking three AP classes and being a part of several clubs, along with working at least three times a week. Between sometimes hours of homework from these AP classes and working at night, sometimes I would rather just sleep. Therefore, it usually gets put off. And it’s really not that I don’t care about my school or grades, because it does stress me out, it is just that I have nothing to motivate me to get my work done. Simply put, I’d rather be sleeping or spending time with my friends before departing for college. Lately, I have actually been trying to improve on getting my work done, but there are some days where I have the whole night to do a little bit of work, but put it off until nine o’clock at night. Writing about this now makes me a little disappointed because I have always been on top of things, but I guess I have to admit it to myself some time. I am Erika Naeger and I have senioritis.