Man of La Mancha: Tech Week


Sydney Laidacker, Staff Writer


Anna Doeling, making her first big appearance in the song, “It’s All The Same.”  The muleteer men and women are also displayed in this piece as Aldonza sings about how all the men she ever loved all wanted the same thing from her.
Lead male Tate McElhaney plays Don Quixote.  Don Quixote tries to get Aldonza as his own, he shows her what love really is.
Drew Kaczmarkiewicz plays Sancho and he is the squire of Don Quixote.  He trails along with Don Quixote to fulfill the quest of Man of la Mancha.
Annie Duda plays the guitarist and Mikee Kershaw plays Aleselmo. In this scene this is a acoustic version of “Little Bird.”  The muleteer men and women once again come out to sing with the guitarist and Aleselmo.
Ben Takitch plays Dr. Carrasco. In the night of the Mirrors scene he pretends to be someone he’s not to fool Don Quixote.
Zac Caroll plays Padre and Gabby Takitch plays the housekeeper. In this scene they sing “I’m only thinking of him.”
Students got there Man of La Mancha  t-shirts on Wednesday night! Now they are wearing all week long to promote their show so that everyone can come see it. Featuring Alli Himler and Abby Honse.


After many weeks of waiting cast members finally got to see their costumes in real life.  On Friday they got to try on their costume pieces.
This years stage crew worked hard to build the whole set.  In the picture shown the staircase goes up and down and leads to the prison.
The pit has been working extremely hard on learn all the music.  On Wednesday, the cast and pit finally combines and got ready to practice together.  Before that pit has only had two rehearsals.
These students are ready to perform for an audience!  They have been working and dedicating time to put on the best performance they can for their audiences.
The leads were extremely excited because they get mic’d for the first time.   This process takes time as the stage crew helps them get their mics prepared.