Senioritis: April Smith


Throughout my sophomore and junior years I have taken on fairly easy classes. The toughest one was Mrs. Kubus’s AP English class, but even that was a breeze compared to this year. AP Physics, AP Calulus and Multimedia Journalism II soak up all of my free time. Instead of going to Denny’s to try out their new, limited time only, specialty bacon menu on a Tuesday night with my friends, I stay at home to complete three pages, front and back, of straight physics problems. Instead of going outside and enjoying the fresh springtime air as soon as school ends, I collapse on my couch in a heap of exhaustion. And instead of hanging out with my boyfriend on the only weekday he has off, I am up until 1:30 am working on layouts for the paper. Sometimes I stop and think to myself, “Did I really sign on for this?”

As a senior, I’d like to say that I don’t care about my grades. I would like to throw everything aside, walk to the park, and swing in the sunshine, rather than do AP Calc. Oh what I would give to be one of those kids who leaves their backpack at school every night. I could easily manage C’s in all of my classes if I worked that way. If C’s were my defining letter, I would be remarkable average- perfectly fine. Even with easier classes I still would have gotten into Saint Vincent College, so what was the point?   

The truth is, though, that challenging myself with a lot of work is what keeps me sane. I have no desire to sit in a study hall with nothing to do but stare at the clock on the wall. The feeling of finally understanding a concept after hours of struggling is the best feeling in the world for me. Yeah, getting C’s would not make me any less of a person, but I would not be happy with myself if didn’t try for the A. I strive on giving my all at everything I do, and I enjoy trying. Yes, my work load is incredibly stressful, but I’d take stress over senioritis any day.