Future lawyers rise in Leeper’s Mock Trial


Ryan Young, Editor-In-Chief



All rise for the honorable Judge Leeper.

Are both sides ready?

Ready for the plaintiff your honor.

Ready for the defense your honor.

The opening statements are made by both sides and the jury is ready to weigh the evidence to rule in favor of justice. After a week of prepping, reviewing, analyzing, and discussing, both sides are ready to prove that the ruling should be in favor of their client, but one lawyer’s hopes lie beyond the immediate case and into the future. Senior Aislinn Zimmerman is eager to make a regular appearance in court defending those unable to be represented.

“I really enjoy helping people that can not help themselves and upholding a sense of right and wrong,” said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman would be the first member of her family to pursue a career in law, but she believes the inspiration she feels is something that can withstand any challenge.

“I would say I’m inspired by law. I love that even if there is an issue that seems unsolvable there is a logical and finite answer according to the law which is comforting,” said Zimmerman.

With noble aspirations to help people who would otherwise be unable to receive help, Zimmerman is also interested in one day pursuing a career in politics.

“My dream job would be a immigration lawyer working in a foreign country or becoming a politician,” said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman has already committed to Penn State and her declared studies will be a double major in both International Politics and Spanish.  

Through the experiences Zimmerman has gained through both Mock Trial and the course work in Law I, she was able to determine that law is her desired field.

“Mock trial has been very fun so far. I am learning a lot and it has made my desire to become a lawyer grow. I love arguing. I really enjoy the energy that comes from debating,” said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman credits her newly found love of law to Mrs. Leeper’s teaching method and passion.

“Law class is a lot of fun. Mrs. Leeper tries to give us a very accurate and well rounded education of what law entails. It’s a really great class to take,” said Zimmerman.

With Law II about to begin, Aislinn Zimmerman and fellow students will continue to learn about the laws that not only protect our freedoms but also shape this great country.