Students’ Easter Traditions

Students Easter Traditions

“Dying Easter eggs.  My mom usually gets us Easter baskets, too.”

                Kristen Piper, Senior

“I eat lots of chocolate.”

                Charlie Musick, Junior

“My family goes to my grandma’s house.”

                Jessie Miller, Junior

“Our Easter baskets are hidden around the house and we find them.”

                Shiloh Kail, Sophomore

“My family and I go to church, come home, make Easter bread, and then make Ukrainian eggs – which involves covering the egg with wax.” 

                Hannah Poponick, Senior

“Every Easter, we got to my grandma’s for dinner.  On Good Friday, my family always colors Easter eggs.”

                Kelly Musiak, Senior

“We all go to my grandma’s house on Easter, someone hides Easter eggs, and then we go look for them.”

                Eric Karnes, Sophomore

“We go to Easter church service and have a family lunch.”

                Dan Krall, Sophomore

“We use to go to Hershey Park each Easter.  Also, my Easter tradition is to catch up on sleep!”

                Elly Hu, Junior

“I go to Ocean City each Easter, because I have family that lives there.”

                Brittany Gaia, Sophomore

“I color eggs.”

                Bryan Brasile, Junior