Musical Dedication


Sydney Laidacker, Staff Writer

Man of La Mancha is now starting to become a Broadway production at GLHS Auditorium! Last week was the first true practice of the musical.  The cast is full of excitement, determination, and they all have one thing in common-dedication.

“It’s different from the previous years because you just get called for certain days and you don’t have to go every single day, but it is like you have to be dedicated and you have to be reliable and show up to practice…I mean rehearsal,” explained Freshman Brianna Holt who is apart of the 61 member ensemble.

The cast has been working on blocking, music, choreography, and lines.  Mr. Krack, the director, has a rehearsal almost every day. There might not be the same people every day, but he makes sure things get done.  While some people are getting blocked, others might be going over the music for the production.

“The musical is a really fun experience, but it is going to be really rushed this year because we have four weeks less to do it.  That is an entire month of rehearsals! Basically, rehearsals are super stressful, but they are super fun. You have to give a lot of time and dedication.  There is a lot commitment and you have to stay focused the whole time, because if you’re not focused then someone else gets off focused, and then you get other people off focus, then it will just be a bad rehearsal,” said Holt.  

This year the musical revolves around Don Quixote played by Tate McElhaney, Aldonza played by Anna Doeling, and Sancho played Drew  Kaczmarkiewicz. Don Quixote and Sancho are on a quest to restore the age of chivalry, to battle evil, and to right all wrongs.  Aldonza who is used to being treated poorly is taken back by Don Quixote’s kindness and later is annoyed with it.

There are many more supporting leads, such as senior Gabby Takitch who plays the housekeeper.  “I play the housekeeper and she basically has a singing part and it’s not really too big of an acting role, but she is really selfish and she says she’s only thinking of Don Quixote when really she is only worried about herself,”  said Takitch.

Everyone in the ensemble is just as important and dedicated as the leads.  The ensemble is what glues the show together, without ensemble it would just be a bunch of people singing and the show wouldn’t be as entertaining.  Each person in the ensemble creates a character of their own and they get to unleash that character on stage.

“Ensemble is very interesting because every ensemble member is a prisoner but it’s also grouped into three different groups the barber’s attendants, kitchen maids and Moorish girls, who are dancers.  I think it is really cool and really fun. There is also a mule who is played by Alli Himler,” said Holt.

What people don’t see is what’s goes on behind the scenes. So much goes into the musical that the audience will never see.  

“There really hasn’t been that much action behind the scenes so far, because there have only been four rehearsals,” said Holt. “ But as the musical goes on it is going to get chaotic, but at the same time it is going to be really cool to see it all come together.”

When people go see a show they don’t usually think of the directors, the orchestra, the stage crew, the parents, and even themselves.  “ It’s not just the cast that makes the musical. You need a stage crew, you need the director, you need an audience,” said Takitch.

The directors put the musical into reality because they make sure the rehearsals run smoothly and that the musical is worthy of being on stage.  That’s exactly what Mr. Krack does. Shannon Novello is the student director who contributes much towards the show. Parents also do a lot, they do fundraisers, drive you to practice, make sure that you have everything you need.  This year’s parent officers are Marcilynn Novak-Modecki, Jennifer Lopata, Val Rodell, Deb Bowman, Kathy Soisson, Jane Mondock, and Dianne Kaczmarkiewicz. They do so much to make sure that the production has everything that we need.  Then there is the orchestra, who have to learn all the music plus they play live in front of the audience. They are directed by Mr. Sheridan. The stage crew helps with the props, the set changes, the lights, and much much more. The musicians and stage crew put in just as much time as the cast does to make sure that the show goes as planned.  The audience is just as important because without an audience the whole cast wouldn’t have anyone to show off their time, determination, and dedication that each and every person put into the show.

Man of La Mancha is slowly, but surely coming together!  Make sure to clear your calendars for the show on March 1, 2, and 3!  You will not want to miss it!