Looking forward to the Girls Basketball Season

Trent Jones, Staff Writer

The beat drops. The huddle forms. The season begins. The GLHS Girls Basketball team enter the court and seniors Beth Havrilla, Carly Augustine, and Kayla White are ready for their final season of Wildcat Basketball.


After tying for the best record in the WPIAL section, the girls face an even harder challenge. Even after losing multiple star players, they are eager to maintain their previous success, but they acknowledge that teamwork is needed in order to succeed.  


“In order to be successful, we need to play together and for each other. Everyone has their own strengths and when we bring those together we play our best,” said point guard Havrilla.


The girls basketball team is filled with talent in all areas. From defense to offense, these girls can pack a punch.


“There is a lot of talent on the team and the program has a lot to look forward to in the years to come. The younger players are eager to take advantage of the opportunities given to them and I believe they will be successful,” said Havrilla.


Before a game the girls are prepped with scouting reports, words of wisdom from head coach Burkhart, and cheers from the packed Wildcat Den, but what all is taking place inside the heads of our star seniors?


“I don’t think too much about it, it makes me nervous when I think too much so I just listen to what my coach has scouted and go off the team by that,” said senior forward Kayla White.


Havrilla adds, “Personally to prepare myself, I try to remind myself to have confidence in my own abilities and my teammates, to have fun while I am playing, and to not let any nerves get to me.”


The most important aspect of the team is family, they spend time in class, at practice, and outside of school. Everyone has each others backs and enjoys their time together off the court.


“Our team is definitely more of a family. I think that is one of the elements that contributes to our success. We all communicate with each other outside of just practices and games and genuinely enjoy being together. I have been playing basketball for 11 years. I have been playing with the other seniors since 4th grade and I’m very lucky to still call them teammates and friends,” said Havrilla.