Senioritis: Julia Menarchek


I feel like I don’t have time to have senioritis.  Being in two AP classes – which isn’t even as many as some other crazy smart people take – uses much of my time, and being a business manager on the High Post and a student in Practicum is time-consuming as well.  If I miss even half a day of school, I freak out.  I HATE knowing that I have work to make up and that I missed something important.

Right now, my main focus is studying for AP tests in May, applying for scholarships, and basically just keeping myself motivated to get through these last nine weeks.  Graduation is so close, yet I can’t even imagine getting to that day.  I feel like I have so much to accomplish before I get to walk across that stage.  Having senioritis just isn’t an option for me.  I’d probably have a panic attack if I didn’t do my homework or study for a test. 

I think that one of the reasons why I haven’t caught senioritis is because, even during the summer before my senior year, I was still doing homework on a regular basis.  I had AP Calculus and AP History summer assignments to complete – and these were fairly lengthy assignments, too.  When I returned to school at the end of August, I found that I was used to having homework.  It wasn’t such a shock when my evenings were spent in my favorite living room chair finding derivatives.

I know that as these last several weeks of school progress, it will become easier and easier to slip into the senioritis funk, yet I am determined to end my senior year with a bang!