FCA President Mike Ross listens to God’s call on his life

From extra gym reps to bible verse repetition, senior Mike Ross strives to achieve God’s Call

FCA President Mike Ross listens to God’s call on his life

Ryan Young, Editor-In-Chief

With headphones on and Alan Jackson music blaring, senior Mike Ross strives to outdo his last set with higher weights and more reps. Outside the gym Ross tunes his ear to hear God’s voice as he prepares a sermon for FCA or examines God’s plan for him after high school.

As president of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes club (FCA) at GLHS, Ross is responsible for organizing and leading what has become a popular club on campus, with over 50 members meeting every Thursday for lunch and prayer.

After joining FCA his junior year, Ross quickly saw God’s given gift in his life to lead others to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and he was not alone in this discovery. After just one year of joining the club, Ross was elected president.

“I’ve been at FCA since my junior year in high school, and I ran for President of FCA because I know I am gifted to have strong Christian values and discernment to make the right decision when time comes, and because I have compassion in my heart that I am willing to go the extra mile to make a beneficial sermon even if it becomes difficult,” said Ross.

At a young age Ross began to develop his relationship with Christ, and it has only grown stronger.

“I have had a relationship with Jesus my entire life, and there never is one point I can say, “That was the moment I began my Faith-walk with Christ.” because I pretty much always have believed. “My faith has given me a purpose in life. Without it, life would be meaningless,” said Ross.

After high school Ross plans to major in pre-ministry and perhaps join the military as a chaplain. His first priority though is to listen to God and follow.

“I want to pursue God. There are many things I want to pursue in my life but a good way to sum them up is I want to pursue God, and pursue carrying out God’s plan. I feel God calling me into ministry because I am dissatisfied with the way the world is today, and I want to influence people’s lives positively. I want to major in pre ministry in college and I hope to become an Officer in the military. Hopefully after four years of college and five or six years of military life I will know what kind of ministry God plans for me, and I can then work on my masters degree. It just takes a lot of praying and time,” said Ross.

Ross has high aspirations, and daily he challenges himself to put God first in everything he does. Ross calls Jesus his biggest role model.

“Jesus is my role model. It’s a work in progress but a Christian’s goal to become more and more like Jesus every day.”

When Ross isn’t busy preparing sermons for FCA, he enjoys weight lifting and training for the military.

“I’ve lifted weights for as long as I can remember. It was just like something that was built into me. Unfortunately, I have to be doing tons and tons of cardio if I want to join the military, so I haven’t been lifting lately, but when I get out I hope to be the swolest pastor ever created,” said Ross.

In Ross’s life he has seen the power of God and trusted Him with even the small things.

“The most profound miracle I’ve ever seen in my life is the fact that most observable things in the Bible come true. Like the Bible says ask for anything in the Father’s will and it will be granted to you. Or trust God with your finances and you will be blessed with more. I have implemented things like this into my life and I have seen God intervene and work miracles.

Ross offered important advice that truly speaks to the character and understanding of a God fearing man.

“You will never regret trusting God’s wisdom in your life, his ways are always better than your ways,” said Ross.