4 DIY Halloween costumes!

Taylor Harden, Public Relations

Who likes to save money instead of buying an overpriced Halloween costume? Yeah me too. That’s why I’m here to give you 4 ideas for Halloween costumes this year! The first one is Superwoman. All you would need is a blue tutu, red socks, a red shirt, and a Superwoman crown. The DIY version retails for $25 but the actual costume is $58.99. Next is a cat- common but cute- all you need for this one is cat ears and a clip-on tail! This costume retails for $40.99 so why buy the real one when the DIY version is only $12.98! 3rd we have a baseball player. You can customize this one with either a baseball glove or bat but for this one, all that is needed is a baseball cap, socks, and a jersey all for $18, while the actual costume is $45.99 JEEZ! Lastly is a witch. All that’s needed is a black tutu, orange, green, or black shirt, witch hat, and broom. The DIY one comes out to be just $19.88 meanwhile you could always buy that expensive, one-time use costume for $49.99. Hope these gave you some festive ideas for the season. Happy Halloweening!