5 minute Beginners Halloween Makeup

Sydney Laidacker, Staff Writer



  • Orange, white, and black face paint
  • (Optional) Black eyeliner

Step 1:  Using the Orange face paint ally to the middle forehead, nose, and chin. (Make sure that you have a nice layered coat.)

Step 2: Now use the orage to cover the cheekbones and up to the temples.  Fill in the rest of the space with the white face paint.

Step 3: Using the black face paint or eyeliner make the muzzle to do this make the end of the nose black, then draw a straight line down to your lip, now make curved lines to the end of your mouth, add a few tiny whiskers, and add three dots inside the lines.  

Step 4: Now to create the teeth use a little white and make two fang shapes and outline in black.

Step 5: Then to make the ears outline the white part on top of the eyebrow only.

Step 6: To finish of the look simply make three lines on each side of your face you can make them as long and thin as you want.  Also put 3 or 4 short lines on the chin and on the forehead make 3 facing down v´s and facing up v´s. Then you are finished.




  • White and black face paint
  • (Optional)  Black eyeliner

Step 1: Using the white face paint simply cover your face with it, but don’t cover the eyes with the white.

Step 2: Now fill in the eyes with the black face paint.  Now using the eyeliner make a black nose and make a line on both ends of the mouth, then make short lines on the lips and on the lines (like stitches).  (You can also use black face paint if you don’t have black eyeliner.)





  • Brown,black, and white face paint
  • Eyeliner or black lipstick

Step 1: Using the brown face paint cover forehead down to cheeks with the brown.  

Step 2: Using the black face paint make the nose black.  

Step 3: Using the eyeliner make a straight line from the nose to the mouth and color the top lip black, also make a line underneath your bottom eyelid.

Step 4: Lastly, just put white dots on your face.