Press Release: LES Volcanos


Front Row: Sienna Demalta, Destini Homan, Mia Stynchula, Jake Limani, Timmy Miller, and Addi Sterrett Middle Row: Olivia Waleski, Eva Desanders, and Elise Long Back Row: Bre Calabrace, Madi Sloan, Skylar Ruby, Regan Wanichko, Chloe Hill, Ava Yurko, Gabby Greece, Mia Myers, Mrs. Turnbull

Jace O'Barto, Assistant Editor

Mrs. Melissa Turnbull’s sixth grade science classes at Latrobe Elementary School have been
busy constructing and erupting volcanoes. As a part of their dynamic earth unit, Mrs. Turnbull
teaches sixth graders about different types of volcanoes, how they are formed, and how each
type erupts. The students learn that shield volcanoes, which form at divergent plate boundaries,
have low viscosity and ooze. To see this, students develop wider based volcanoes, and mixed
yeast and hydrogen peroxide, with water, soap and food coloring to create an oozing chemical
reaction called elephant toothpaste. The cinder cone volcanoes, which form at convergent plate
boundaries, typically will have higher viscosity and a better chance of exploding. For this
reaction, students combined vinegar and baking soda in various forms to have their volcanoes
erupt in different magnitudes. For the last volcano of the project, students watched as Mentos
and Diet Coke react in a fast paced reaction. According to Mrs. Turnbull, “The students had a

Timmy Miller and Jake Limani
Skylar Ruby. Regan Wanichko, and Ava Yurko (Overall winners of the title of best volcano)
Mia Myers, Gabby Greece, and Elise Long