Kobe Bryant’s Body Armour Investment

Kobe Bryant, the investor of Body Armour

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Kobe Bryant, the investor of Body Armour

Trent Jones, Staff Writer

Former NBA superstar,  Kobe Bryant, has grossed more money in his short retirement than on his 20 years playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant, was always destined for greatness. His father, named Joseph, “Jellybean,” Bryant, played eight seasons in the NBA. Bryant won many awards throughout his career, such as 3rd in all time points, seventeen all-time all star selections, and five rings, throughout his twenty-year career with the Lakers.


Bryant, still in the league in 2014, had made a 10% investment to a small company named Body Armour, which would be the greatest money gain for his off-the-court endeavours. Without a doubt, this would be his biggest money increase over a short amount of time for Bryant. Over a span of four years, the investment was over a 330% increase, from his original 6 million dollars invested into this company.


After their pro careers are over, many different athletes are have spent money in a non-profitable way, but Bryant has produced other ways of income. By this investment with Body Armour, his net value off the court recently climbed drastically.


Coca Cola had recently bought a share in Body Armour, and Kobe’s six million dollar investment  shot up to 200 million dollar gain over a span of four years.


That’s a huge increase over that short amount of time, and that now pushes him up to the 5th wealthiest basketball player of all time, with a net worth of approximately 260 million dollars, according to Sports Illustrated.


This investment is bound to do well, considering that it’s a healthier option to another sports drink corporation known as Gatorade, due to its increase in potassium and lower sodium levels. Many different athletes and casual people just working out care about the healthy part of this drink, considering it has the same effect as Gatorade.


Bryant’s investment will continue to rise as the need to stay in top condition is necessary in this day in age, Body Armour will continue to grow over these next few years.