9th grade College Visits

Sydney Laidacker and Sofia Serge

Photo by Zoey Bier
At the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, the Library had a beautiful stained glass window in the front.  They artwork here was amazing and so cool to look at.



Photo by Sydney Laidacker
This statue is of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg´s mascot, the bobcats.  As students walked around they got so see even more amazing statues and artwork.



Photo by Sydney Laidacker
The computer and technology building. At the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg they prepared a great tour of the campus and the students got to see so many amazing buildings!


Photo by Sydney Laidacker
John Miller, Dustyn McGinity, Trent Jones, Aidan Vigilante, and Garet Matey all had the chase to go into a dorm room and get the feel for it.  They were able to sit down and experience it. The dorms were a favorite part to some of the students.


Photo by Miss Richards
Students at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg got an amazing tour of the campus and what it feels like to be in college.  These students have an interest in the business and financial field.


Photo by Valentina Rossi
At Washington and Jefferson College, this picture represents every important milestone for them, like their first female teacher, African American teacher, etc. The students enjoyed this college and the beautiful artwork.


Photo by Sofia Serge
At IUP the students got take a tour of their beautiful campus.  The trees and scenery were breathtaking here.


Photo by Harley Cochran
At St. Vincent College the graduation bell is a tradition. All graduates ring this bell when they graduate during the ceremony.


Photo by Mrs. Skala
Students at Seton Hill University had a great time touring the campus and learning new things about the career field they want to go into.  These student have an interest in the health and science field and learned about the medical field and about being a physicians assistant.