Lesco Credit Union Bank


Sydney Laidacker, Staff Writer

This summer Greater Latrobe Senior High put in a new student-run Lesco Credit Union Bank in the cafeteria.   Students can open up an checking account and withdraw and deposit money.

The students who work there are Alex Bisignani, Nick Buerger, Dominic Hart, Taylor Hochard, and Sadie Wetzel. When open, the students are supervised by Student Branch Supervisor Beverly Jenkins.  They are helped by Lesco Financial Literacy Advisor, Taylor Kilmer who helps to educate the students about credit unions. Mrs. Butler helps out by being in charge of the students who help to run the bank

Greater Latrobe now has a 65 minute lunch period called lunch and learn.  At any point on Tuesday or Thursdays, students can deposit or withdraw of money they can do it then.  Two students work there at once.  Dominick Hart said, ¨ I work there on Thursdays. We usually get around two to three customers a day, so a few a week.”  

The new bank is really opening up doors for the students.  This gives them the opportunity to work with customers, money, and computers so that they have an understanding of how to use it in the future. ¨I like it a lot and plus it is a great opportunity for me,¨  said Hart. ¨ I choose to do this because I am going into college to major in finance and it provides a great real-life experience before going off to college.¨ said Hart.

¨I decided to do this because they reached out to me because they need someone to be apart of the bank.  I thought that this would be a great opportunity to explore my career options,¨ said Sadie Wetzel. ¨It was really neat to get an inside look at banking. During the summer we got to go to an actual bank and experience it.  It was really cool because there were real customers and we got to work with them and the people there were very helpful,¨ said Wetzel.

For the five that work there, it is giving them a great opportunity to understand how their career field is going to work.