Greater Latrobe Cheerleaders Receive New Coaches


Maura Casey (left) and Bailey Siko (right) joined by friend Amelia Enfinger before the game on September 29, 2018.

Johna Roche, Assistant Editor in Chief

Towards the end of the summer, just before the big season opener against Derry, our cheerleaders had a dilemma, they did not have leadership! Time was ticking, and the cheerleaders along with Mr. Mears and Mr. Mains were determined to find people willing to step up. Mrs. Beckas and Ms. Echard came to the rescue, thrilled to take the new coaching positions.

Bailey Siko and Maura Casey, senior cheerleaders with varsity experience throughout their high school career, are excited for the change. “The new coaches are always encouraging us and give us good feedback along with constructive criticism,” Casey said about the new atmosphere.

Siko said, “I feel that the coaches have made cheerleading more enjoyable. We get a lot of things done while still having fun.”

Both girls are excited for senior year with new coaches, and they feel that they can actually talk with them. “Our team has really come together, and we feel like we all have a voice now. With everyone’s input, we will do great things this year. Our captains [Tayler Weaver and Lexi Hahn] have been great through all of this, and reminding us to keep up the energy.” Casey remarked about leadership and responsibility roles.

Siko said, “I feel that the team has come back together, and we are ready to continue on with the season.”

The cheerleading squad is looking to be “at the next level” as Mrs. Beckas had stated. They want to have more availability for events and support this year. Beckas said, “If they are happy and positive, it makes me feel good.”

Beckas was a coach a few years ago, and Echard was a cheerleader for Latrobe in her high school career, so they are not complete strangers to the team.

Beckas wants these girls to look back on high school and enjoy the memories that they made with their teammates, she wants it to be fun. Beckas said one of the most difficult challenges for the cheerleaders to overcome was “not having a steady, consistent program.”

The cheer team has had twelve different coaches over the past four years, which has made it harder for them to be a consistent team. Latrobe is now hoping to have a rock in place to create a great atmosphere for these girls.

Casey said, “We didn’t have a steady coach, but our new coaches are super cool and are easy to talk to.”  

Game nights are something every cheerleader should look forward to. The team finally gets to show off all of their hard work, and cheer the football team on during the game. “I feel that we can all enjoy our time as a team on Friday nights.”

Beckas has definitely taken the team under her wing. She described herself as super upbeat, and that she can be strong and stern when she needs to be. The life skill Beckas and Echard are trying to teach their squad is respect, because if you show it, you will get it back.

“I see good things coming in the future, like new material and upcoming pep rallies,” Casey said about looking ahead and into basketball season.

The cheerleaders love performing for the school, and pep rallies is another way to do that, ither than game nights. Just about every student at Latrobe loves attending the pep rallies, because the work that the cheerleaders put in for it is astounding.

This change in coaches has really impacted the cheerleaders in such a great way. Determination and hard work are the qualities they will show throughout season, especially with last minute changes. Now, the team can get back into a good rhythm and continue to rise up and persevere.