It’s All About the ‘LOVE’


The five seniors relax on the court before their first match of the season. They were soaking up the last moments before they had to play and it was becoming real that it was their final year.

Anne Dalton, Managing Editor

For the five seniors on the Greater Latrobe Girls Tennis Team, this year particularly is a special one.  It is uncommon for a team to have the same girls start as freshmen and finish the senior year together. Usually someone joins or leaves the team over the span of four years.  Anne Dalton, Gianna Ferry, Amanda White, Ashley White, and Lauren Willner have been playing tennis with each other since day 1.

Lauren Willner, Anne Dalton, Amanda White, Ashley White, and Gianna Ferry stand together with their Last First Match sign shortly before they traveled to North Allegheny. The girls competed against the Lady Tigers in their first non section match for the season back on August 24.

Coming into this year was an exciting and sad one for all of them.  Although they are ready to start the next chapter of their lives, ending this chapter will be a hard one.  Throughout these years, the girls have formed unbreakable bonds of friendship. From June through October, they work side by side as a team competing and spend a lot of time together. Since it is their last year, they will miss being able to say “I can’t wait till next season.”

“I will miss bonding with the team and playing all the matches,” said Gianna Ferry. “This season is looking good for the team because of the talent of each of the players.”

Each are in the process of deciding on where she would like to go for college and are making big decisions for the success of her future.  Luckily the girls have had an endless amount of support.

Head Coach Michelle Stas and Assistant Coach Donnie Uveges have never let these girls down.  The coaches work with the girls at every practice to help them play to the highest of their ability.  Not only do they help perfect their tennis skills, Stas and Uveges help them on the academic side of things too.

“The support that I have had from the team and especially the coaches means so much to me,” said Ashley White.

The five girls have been influential on one another.  They have grown as tennis players and individuals throughout the years.  Their relationships have been apparent both on and off the courts. “Seeing the seniors progressing highly within the four years has been a blessing,” said Amanda White.  “As we are moving onto bigger and better things, I know we all will succeed, and will be able to count on each other.”

Practices are sometimes hot and tiring, but each one of them give 100% each day and set a good example for the younger girls.  This goes beyond just their tennis season including preseason summer workouts and post-season agilities. They have pushed each other day in and day out because the girls are hoping to be back to back Section Champions this year.  All of them have strengths and weaknesses and it is amazing to see how they all challenge one another and work together.

As the season nears the end, the seniors are preparing to pass down what they have learned as they have taken the advice of their upperclassmen in the past.  They have some of their own advice to share now as they are the ones being looked up to.

“Remember that it is not always about whether you win or lose because having fun is what counts the most,” said Lauren Willner. “High school years go by so quickly, so you should cherish every moment.”

The tennis team creates a welcoming feeling and one of its goals is to make all the players feel like they have a second family.  The friendships formed from being a part of the team are unexplainable. It is always good to know that these wonderful girls will be there for each other no matter what happens after high school.