Movie Review: Killers


The hot movie on the shelf this fall is the new movie Killers starring Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher and directed by Robert Luketic who has also directed the popular movies, The Ugly Truth, Monster In Law and Legally Blonde.  The movie begins with a young woman named Jen who recently found herself single.  Her adventurous ex decides that he is tired of Jen’s overly cautious nature and breaks up with her.  While on the plane on a trip to an island in France, originally planned for her and her boyfriend, she ends up just going with her parents.  This is where she meets handsome Spencer Aimes who appears to be there on vacation as well.  What she doesn’t know is that Spencer is actually a government hired assassin on a job there.  After a whirlwind romance, marriage followed shortly after.   Spencer gets out of the CIA and begins a different business.  The couple is as happy as can be with their normal life in the suburbs until one of their neighbors and close friends tries to kill them.  Spencer and Jen find out at that point that Spencer has a multi- million dollar value on him to be terminated.  Any one of their neighbors could be another one of the hired hit men that want the large sum of money.  The couple must go through the ultimate test of faith, trust and love in order to survive.  I thought that this movie had a good balance of romance, comedy and action, making it a good movie for a wide range of viewers.  The plot was solid and easy to understand.