Lent Opinions

Lent Opinions

 “I’m not giving anything up for Lent this year because my priest gave a sermon saying that rather than giving something up we should all try to do something positive for one another. So instead of sacrificing for myself, I am going to try to sacrifice for others. My goal is to do at least one anonymous, good deed for someone every day.” , Jessica Kissel, junior 

 “I gave up being lazy.” , Emily Yokopenic, junior

“I gave up cheese because I eat a lot of cheese.” , Jessica Jackson, senior

“I didn’t give up anything.” , Deanna Wible, sophomore

”I didn’t give up anything because I’m not really religious. I eat meat on Fridays too.” , Cody Miller, junior

“I’m not quite sure yet but I will be giving something up.” , Cierra Forsyth, sophomore

“I gave up raspberry tea.” , Jocelyn Stas, junior

“I gave up swearing because I want to be a good kid.” , Kaitlyn Gidick, junior

“My family drinks white grape juice like water. So I figured it’d be something to give up.” , Taylor Smail, junior

 “I gave up swearing. Now, when I want to swear, I just say ‘smurf.’” , Matt Fasce, sophomore

 “I gave up procrastinating. It’s not going  very well.” , Carmelena Moffa, junior