Chick Fil A Leadership Academy

Dianna Dinh, Staff Writer

Chick Fil A Servant Leadership is a program where people come together all around the world to interact with each other about what it takes to be a leader and what other successful leaders had to do to come so far in their progress.

“We help others and yourself at the same time and help your leadership skills by learning them from other people,” said senior Jessica Miller.

Around June in 2017, the Chick Fil A Servant Leadership Academy decided it would be a great idea to travel around to not only learn from local leaders, but leaders from different places.

“We traveled to Atlanta in July for a kick off event to meet other fellows from the United States to learn more about the leadership and other well known people about leadership skills. We also got to visit places such as Martin Luther King’s house and the City of Refugees which is a big shelter for women and children. The City of Refugees has fake grass, children from Preschool, and Chick Fil A helps there as well.” said Miller.

As the Chick Fil A Servant Leadership Academy traveled to Atlanta, they learned a lot of things such as what it takes to be a leader. Being a leader isn’t always just about being determined and confident. Being a leader also comes from interacting and challenging your peers.

“One thing that I learned as I traveled to Atlanta is that when I talked to people, we talked about how everyone has a story and every story matters and you affect the people even when they are three feet around you and they’re going to affect the people around them as well as it creates a big “wave” by influencing each other,” Miller said

Atlanta isn’t the only place where the Chick Fil A Servant Leadership went to learn from other successful people, but they also traveled to other schools to get details from hard working students who put in their best effort to get into a good college with a low acceptance rate such as Harvard. As Chick Fil A Servant Leadership traveled to Harvard, they got a hands-on experience from higher education and noted what’s it like to be in extreme academics and the struggles by learning from the Harvard students around them.

“We went to Harvard a few weeks ago to see the classes and even took a class to participate in Harvard, we went to see the leadership through higher education and experience,” said Miller.

Till this day, Chick Fil A Servant Leadership continues to learn more about what it takes to be a leader and continue to grow stronger as leaders themselves! Greater Latrobe is impressed by the program and they never fail to impress us with their leadership skills.