Seniors enjoy the day out


Cennedi Fry, Online Editor

Every year student council hosts a luncheon for senior citizens in the Greater Latrobe community. The event allows community members to get to know each other or reconnect with old friends.

This year over 200  residents made up of newcomers and regulars, each one with a different story to tell. Carol and Lou Starry came for the first time this year. They were impressed with the performances by members of the music department. They also talked about how their son did musicals when he was younger.

Sitting next to the pair was Dorothy Bender, Regina Macey, and Anna Cay Hall. The group has been coming since the school started the event.

Another couple that has been attending the event since it started was David Markiewicz and his wife. Mrs. Markiewicz said, “The best part of the event is the food, singing, and seeing friends you don’t see all the time.” The pair was laughing and smiling with their table mates.

Pat Fenton was also in attendance. She was on the school board for 12 years and got to hand her kids their diplomas. Her grandkids Reed and Emma Fenton are on student council and were helpers at the event.   

“I’ve been coming to the event for four or five years. It’s a wonderful thing,” she said.

She loves having the afternoon out and really likes seeing the performances. She said the only thing that would have made the event better is if the songs the performers sang were geared more towards her generation.

Overall the atmosphere of the event was light and full of laughter, friendship, and amazing stories.