17 Minutes for 17 Students

Cennedi Fry, Online Editor

On February 14, 2018, 17 lives were lost at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Since the tragic event, school students across the nation have been walking out of classes for 17 minutes to honor the lives lost.

Greater Latrobe Senior High School students have been planning their own walkout. What started as a group chat with a few students has grown to a group chat of of 26 students. These students including Freshman Will Beddick and Junior Nina Sarp. They along with Samantha Fisher and several other members of the group have been working with school administration to get approval for a school wide walkout.

While the national school walkout is on March 14, the school walkout still doesn’t have a set date yet. It will be within the same week, just not on the 14. The group of students who have been planning this event want to make sure that the focus of the walkout is to honor the students of Stoneman Douglas not to make a political statement. Will Bedick said, “Anyone from the school faculty and student body who want take a stand and show support for the students and faculty at Stoneman Douglas can participate.”

“The walkout is nationally planned but we kind of want to make it our own,” said junior Nina Sarp.

Once plans are finalized, students and teacher will take 17 minutes and go down to the track and walk. Students who don’t wish to participate will sit in the bleachers.

The national event is planned for 10:00am across all timezones. There is a color scheme for the national walkouts which is orange, a color used in support of gun control.

An announcement will be made with the official time and date of the walkout in the coming days.