Inventionland is a very unique place where Greater Latrobe Students got the chance to visit! Many inventors come to Inventionland and create amazing, unique, and creative inventions. Not only were the inventions unique, but the offices and buildings inside of Inventionland were unique as well!

“What I found most interesting is the way the whole place was set up and how the offices were different objects!” Senior, Cassidy Dunaway, said. One building was in a shape of a giant dog house and even had a fish tank at the top floor! This was called the pets office.

“My favorite invention that inventionland has created was the bikeboard!” Dunaway said. George Davidson, the creator of the bikeboard, said that all his life, he had enjoyed riding scooters, however, the only downfall was that everytime you hit a curb with the scooter, all that fun would go away by injuring yourself. So Davidson decided to create the bikeboard, which is a bike combined with a skateboard creating a safer scooter for kids that can simply go over bumps smoothly to avoid any injuries. Only downfall that Davidson struggled with is shipping, however, he didn’t let that bring him down. Davidson eventually continued trying to make the product smaller and safer as time went by, and now Davidson’s creation is one of the most successful inventions of all time!

Inventionland is also known for creating many baking utensils as well that have made it all over baking shows! Inventionland has a special apartment inside of their building called the cooking apartment and inside of the cooking apartment, they have a wall of pans that were successful. One pan for example is the needle pan which is made for filling inside of cupcakes and muffins. This became a huge success because not only could you put in icing, but you could also put in things such as fruits.