Player Profile


Adrianna Guarino, Business Adviser

What inspired you to become an athlete? Who pushed/motivated you? why??
My Dad has always inspired me to do my best on the court.  He always tells me what he sees and what I have to do to improve on my weaknesses.

Who is your biggest athletic inspiration? Why?
My biggest athletic inspiration easily is Collin Wilson.  Everyday he always wishes me good luck and is a constant reminder that hard work can get you anywhere.

Is there anything you wish you had done/tried that you never did?
There are many sports that I wish I had done including football and water polo.

What is your favorite memory from being a high school athlete?
My favorite memory from being a high school athlete is traveling to Disney World with the basketball team last year.

How old were you when you started playing sports and what did you play?
I played soccer when I turned 4 years old.

What do you feel was your greatest strength as a player?
My greatest strength as an athlete is my commitment and dedication to the team.

Did you ever regret a sport or activity you participated in? Explain.
I do not live with any regrets.

If you could be another athlete for a week, who would it be and why?
If I could be any athlete, I would want to be Derek Fisher because not only was he an NBA player, but he also coaches NBA basketball.

What drill do you most look forward to and why? What drill did you dread and why?
The drill I most look forward to is Speedball because it is competitive, fast, and aggressive.  The drill I dread is ball handling because it requires lots of focus and is not as aggressive or physical as most other drills.