Perfect Gifts

Molly, Assistant Editor in Chief

Gifts for Her

  1. Red roses or her favorite type of flowers- Giant Eagle
  2. Chocolate covered strawberries, heart chocolates- Walmart
  3. Ring with a heart on it- Pandora (V-day collection)
  4. Notes in a jar with every reason you love her written on them- Michael’s
  5. Spa gift set from Lush: Bath Bombs, face masks, etc.
  6. Workout outfit- Dick’s Sporting Goods
  7. New makeup, highlighter palette, eyeshadow palette, or lipstick from Sephora
  8. Her favorite candy- Walmart, $1 each


Gifts for Him

  1. Picture frame with a cute picture inside of couple, Walgreens
  2. Clothing-shirts, sweats, sportswear, etc from Dick’s Sporting Goods
  3. Hats-favorite sports’ team, color or style- Dick’s Sporting Goods
  4. Shoes-sneakers, boots, etc- Dick’s Sporting Goods
  5. Candy: favorite or heart shaped- Walmart
  6. Boxers with hearts on them- American Eagle
  7. New cologne(his favorite kind)- Macy’s
  8. New watch- Macy’s