Chad Palombo


Kasey Lettrich, Editor in Chief

Chad Palombo, senior, has a creative side to him that not everybody sees.  He is a very unique and inspiring human being who offers much to this world.  From sewing, to paint splatter designs, to making clothes, to customizing his room, to mixing music, and woodwork, he exudes creativity.  

Chad still wears a piece of his Uncle who passed away almost everyday.  He frequently wears his Uncle Boone’s 30 year old jean jacket.  He loves to dress differently than others and has a passion for uniqueness.  Chad began to create his own jeans by going to the thrift store to purchase used jeans and updating them to his own style.  He sews the jeans to fit to his standards, bleaches them to make them lighter, splatter paints them, and distresses them.  Chad said, “I don’t want to wear what other people wear so I just started making my own stuff.”  He has recently started selling and advertising his unique clothing on instagram.

As a kid, Chad never had his own room.  This bedroom is the first space he has that he can entirely make his own.  As well as splatter painting his jeans he also fully painted and splatter painted the walls and closet doors in his bedroom.  Chad completed his room by mounting his TV, putting surround sound in it, hung posters of his favorite music artists, artwork and pictures of his favorite albums.  He then made his room into a music studio.

Chad creates his own music and playlists.  Chad uses a software called Logic Pro X, similar to Garageband, to create different beats.  The first playlist he ever created was the Latrobe boys varsity basketball playlist in 2016-2017.  Chad was picked to do this simply because he knows the software and has a passion for music.  Since then, he’s created this years warm up music for the Latrobe varsity basketball team, last years Derry boys varsity basketball playlist, and last years Latrobe Girls basketball playlist.  Chad’s music usually has a slow beginning then something big to lead into the main part when the basketball players run out.  He uses mainly rap music and mixing sounds like 808’s (repeated sounds) to transition into the next song.

Chad participates in woodshop and is creating a custom outside swing for his mom.  This swing will have a plaque on it dedicated to his family.  Chad said, “My mom was always about hard work so my creativity pretty much just went from there with wanting to make what I have the best it can be and as organic it can be.”  

Chad is very proud of all of his work and says that his end product is always “quality”.  Chad said, “The creative process I have mostly comes from one thought that grows into more creative thoughts. Being around my things I create makes me come up with more also!”