Lana Del Rey makes Happy Valley even Happier


Maddie Stas , Staff Member

Lana Del Rey took the stage and electrified the Bryce Jordan Center Friday, January 26. Every seat in the arena was taken to experience a night that most will remember for a lifetime.

Fans arrived as early as 6 hours before the show even started to get the best spot possible on the floor which was general admission. Blankets and pillows were left behind from the concert goers who were waiting for the security to let them in early.

People then packed into the 15,000 seat arena to emerge themselves in the concert environment. Light pink lights radiated throughout the building with palm trees and sand on the stage as the opening act entered promptly at 8:00. Jhene Aiko, an alternative up and coming artist, wore a white body suit paired with high heel boots. Jhene’s energy and talent was the perfect way to get the crowd more excited for Lana Del Rey to take the stage.

Aiko performed most of her hits off her most recent album until around 8:45. By that point everyone was just ready for the main performance. For 15 minutes, people who waited outside of the arena, and those who drove from far and wide, screamed in anticipation for Lana to start singing with her angelic voice.

Lana walked onto the stage nonchalantly as if she were walking into a house of a dear friend. Her smile was a mile long accompanied with a red sweater, black skinny jeans, high silver sparkly boots, and her dark wavy hair pulled back with a red ribbon. She had just performed in D.C the night before, but that wouldn’t stop her from giving the performance of a lifetime.

Lana smiled and greeted the crowd before belting out “I don’t belong to the world, but that’s what i️t is”, the beginning of “13 beaches” off her latest album. She strutted across the stage while effortlessly singing each note with precision and beauty.

She sang the next song, “Pretty When you Cry”, while lying down with her backup dancers on either side. Seeing Lana on the jumbotron added perception from that angle, but also pointed that she could sing so well live. Throughout the whole song she lied there with a choreographed routine that was mesmerizing.

Not many people, even her fans, are aware of Lana’s broad instrumental talents on top of singing ability. She then performed one of her darker pieces, “Yayo”, on the guitar. The arena fell silent with each pluck of the guitar and each and every time she hummed before singing the chorus.

She then went into a medley of some of her biggest hits, including “Born to Die” and “Blue Jeans”. Lana shared with the audience that she likes singing the title songs off of each album, so she also sang hits such as “Ultraviolence”, “Honeymoon” and “Lust for Life”.

After this, Lana took a moment to draw attention to bigger things going on in the world beside the music industry. She made a point of explaining that the world, and our country in particular, has been so divided. She said that we need to look past our differences to come together as one. Following up her speech, she went into political songs such as “When the world was at War”, and “God bless America and all the Beautiful Women in i️t.” As she sang her heart out, videos of patriots and citizens risking their lives in the vietnam war played behind her.

I️t wouldn’t be a Lana performance without her swinging somewhere through the set list. When the rope swing magically lowered down from the ceiling, true Lana fans knew the iconic song she was about to sing: “Ride”. The music video for this song is looked at as a masterpiece, where Lana explains her struggles in finding where she belongs in life and finding her true happiness.

She constantly thanked her fans which shows how humble and down to earth she really is. Lana took time out of her performance to go down and meet every lucky individual in the front row.

The time slipped away as the environment immersed the audience into Lana’s world for two whole hours. Lana felt intimate that night, and wanted to end the show on a serene note. She sang  acapella, with no band or backtrack, to end the show. Her voice reached into every corner of the arena and gave audience fans the chills. Lana Del Rey delivered a performance that won’t be forgotten.