Local Painting Workshop Features Famous Artist

Adrianna Guarino, Business Manager

This year starting October 24th running through October 27th, 4 students from Greater Latrobe got the opportunity to travel to the Latrobe Art Center for a painting workshop with famous artist Ken Hosmer. The students were given an all expense paid workshop from the school and art center to further their knowledge in oil painting for a once in a lifetime experience. The students selected were Lydia Daily, Abby Blycheck, Adrianna Guarino, and Marianna Schrack.


“I had never used oils before so that was a real challenge for me. I really enjoyed it and it was so cool to be given an artist to watch and paint from,” Marianna commented.  


The art workshop started with a lecture about color use and oils as a medium and progressed into a full painting tutorial.


Lydia Daily had nothing but good things to say about the artist. “His use of color was a great learning experience.”


According to http://kenhosmer.com/about-ken-hosmer/ “Ken has taught art workshops for over 30 years. He has been a guest workshop instructor for more than 100 art organizations across the United States and in exotic locations such as Italy, Greece and Mexico.”  


Ken is well known for his vivid use of color and his beautiful brush work. He continues to try and urge students to feel free when painting and try new things.


The students ended their week by making personalised thank you notes to send to the foundation and art center showing their gratitude for the scholarship they received.