Parking Lot

At Greater Latrobe Senior High School, many students are beginning to get their licenses and permits. Students have the option to buy a parking pass which will cost $80 in order to park in the athletic lot which is provided for Seniors only or the large student parking lot the school has provided for Sophomores, Juniors, and other Seniors, if you don’t have a school parking pass, there is another parking location which is located near the Senior High School’s CSC where you can park for a fee of $2 a day.

Many students are excited to start driving to school however, the principles require the students to back in into their spot to avoid chances of accidents. The problem with that however is that many of the students were finding difficulties in backing up into their parking spot since they are still beginners. In the first few weeks, there has been incidents where students have accidentally backed too close to other student’s cars and damage it. For example, someone backed too far into Senior, Maura Rodger’s car and left a dent and it looks like a hitch has hit it.

Some helpful advice I would recommend to students who have trouble backing into their parking spots or are a beginner in driving is if you don’t know how to backup, one solution is to wake up early enough before the rest of the students to pull through a parking spot in the athletic lot instead of having to back up.

Another solution I would recommend is to request for some help to the faculties who are wearing a yellow vest. Mrs. Smith, for example, is one of the faculty members who is willing to stand outside to guide students on how to back up into their parking spot without any problems or accidents. Lastly, another advice for students who struggle with backing up or is a beginner is to practice on backing up. On the weekends, when the parking lots are half empty, you could practice backing up.