Graduated Athletes

At Greater Latrobe Senior High, we have had many successful athletes that are always working hard and always representing the school. However, many successful athletes that graduated from Greater Latrobe continue to pursue their career in college. Zach Kokoska, Class of 2017, has continued to pursue his baseball career in Virginia Tech as a Hokie.

“My favorite thing about being a Hokie is having something to do all the time. The people are great and friendly and there is always something fun to do” Kokoska said.

College isn’t a big step in life for just education, but for athletes as well since everyone is very competitive and colleges are very well known for seeking for the best athletes there is to represent their school. College is especially life changing for athletes since they are developing to a new school and a new team.

“It’s a whole different level. Everyone is just as good as you are and you will only get better than the others by working harder than them.” Kokoska said.

Kokoska unfortunately suffered an injury to the leg during fall season however, but he refuses to let that bring him down.

“Adversity makes people stronger and I’ll be back in no time to compete” Kokoska said.

There is always conflicts happening as you continue your path but only the strongest athletes refuses to let that interfere with their career. For example, one conflict is limiting your time for sports, your education, and free time. As you move on to college, it gets harder in both education and in sports.

“I miss my teammates and coach Basciano. Also, I miss being able to have some free time because as a student athlete at college, you have no free time” Kokoska said.

Time management is the key to success. Dedicated student athletes are very well known for not having much time considering they have to manage their time for sports, practices, education, and their own personal lives. Some athletes either give up due to the stress or no longer have the motivation to continue their career. However, dedicated and strong athletes refuse to let anything interfere with their career, even if it means to give up time.

“It has always been my dream to play at the highest level of college baseball so that has given me the motivation to continue working hard and getting to this level” Kokoska said.

Greater Latrobe looks forward into seeing what Zach Kokoska will be bringing into the future as he continues his baseball career. Go Hokies!