Decrease in the Number of Hunters!

Tate O'Barto, Writer

          Hunting in Pennsylvania is a staple.  We have a diverse forest habitat and lots of wildlife, so why not hunt? Different times of the year allow for different species to be hunted.  For example, since late September until the end of October archery, season was on. During archery, people can shoot deer with a bow or crossbow.

          Currently however “gun”, “rifle”, or “buck” season, as it’s widely known, is active. Buck season easily draws the most hunters to the woods because it’s easier to shoot a deer as opposed to using a bow and arrow.

          The number of hunters is decreasing, however, not only in Pennsylvania but nationwide! That’s probably due to today’s social media, new forms of entertainment, the expenses of hunting licenses, and some habitat loss. Loss of interest is killing the number of hunters in today’s society.

           What can we hunters do to bring back the interest to the sport of hunting? Well, we can get people involved! We all know someone who hunts, so talk to them about it and give it a try! Once you experience “buck fever”, you’ll be hooked for a lifetime and it’s something you can pass on to your kids!